Dark Days

You know those days when you wake up at 6 am and it’s dark outside, and then it never gets any lighter? I’m not talking about stormy days with torrential downpours, bolts of lighting, and window rattling thunder. I like that. It’s exciting.

I mean days when dark cloud threaten to drizzle, and just hang there allowing you the “joy” of anticipating the light, misting rains to come. I hate those days. I never feel like the day has really started and I always want to climb right back into bed. I’m depressed so I generally want to do that anyway, but without hope of any sunlight it makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine made a startling confession to me. She’s from Oregon and she prefers clouds to sun. Mind. Blown. She’s like a unicorn. I found that declaration to be super inspirational for some reason.

You guys we need dark, cloudy, drizzly days. If every day was sunny, think how sad my friend would be, think how sad we all would be with no crops to eat, and an over abundance of droughts, and wild fires. But more than that, how could we ever learn to appreciate the sun if that is all we ever saw?

In my brain, most of my days are dark and stormy or dark and drizzly. That is not my preference, but that is the forecast. But occasionally, the cloud do part, the sun peeks out, and bathes my face in its warmth. I can’t take good days for granted anymore. I bask in them now. I run outside in my t-shirt and shorts and just drink in the sunlight, because I never know when the clouds will part again.

But now on the rainy days, on the dark days, I think of my friend and the wisdom she has shown me. Those days are still hard. Really hard. I still wish I didn’t have them. And while I can’t bring myself to love them, I don’t hate them quite so much anymore. I cannot. Without them, I could never have learned to truly appreciate the sun.

Dana Nevels


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