Everyone deserves a nice, normal mirror to show them an accurate reflection of their worth.


I have some terribly odd mirrors in my house. They came from my mom who loves: me, a good sale, and furniture (in that order). Although she has a lot of furniture, she has a hard time keeping herself from buying more, so she will sometimes make a gift of the items that she is willing to part with. We are often the beneficiaries of her generosity.

Because of this, there is a gigantic square mirror that sits in our hallway on the floor because it is too heavy to hang. I don’t know that I will ever have a house that is large enough to hang it in because it is massive. Right now it leans against the wall and my toddler uses it as her mirror. But when I walk past it and look at my reflection, it cuts off my entire upper body. There is also a silver mirror shaped like a sunburst in our downstairs bathroom that distorts the edges of your face.

Yesterday, as I was standing in front of one of the good, normal, mirrors in my house, I thought about how careful we need to be about who we allow to be our mirrors.

Mirrors are the people around you who you trust to give you an accurate representation of who you are. I have been blessed with some truly fortunate mirrors in my life. These are people who I can trust to remind me of the good things about myself when I lose sight of them. These mirrors are especially necessary on days when my self-confidence is low. They are also the people who I can trust to call me out and encourage me when I am not reaching my potential.

I hope you have been blessed with good mirrors like mine. But if not, if you have some broken and downright bad mirrors in your life, if their reflection of you is distorted, if they ignore your virtues and only highlight your flaws, get rid of them. Find some new mirrors. Those bad mirrors will only distort your opinion of yourself. Odds are there is nothing wrong with you and the real problem is your mirror. Please be sure that the people in your life are showing you an accurate reflection of who you are, of your intrinsic worth, of your virtues, of your gifts, and of your value as a person.

Let me tell you what I see in you, my friends. You are determined. You are devoted. You are generous. You are beautiful. You are loving. You are valuable. You are brave. You fight hard battles every day, sometimes through the night, and then put on your dented, scorched, war-beaten armor to fight the next day, and the next, and the next. And even though your burdens are taxing, and even though your contributions are often undervalued, you keep fighting. You are incredible.

If like me, you have some unfortunate mirrors in your home or your life, and you can’t get rid of them (my mom checks every time she visits) use different ones. Everyone deserves a nice, normal mirror to show them an accurate reflection of their worth.

Light the Darkness,

Dana Nevels


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