When All Seems Dark

One day the storm will end.


It is raining here again. I love the rain and the lightning and the thunder, but sometimes it rains so much and so long that I wonder if it will ever end. It feels like the sun may never come out again.

This is my depression: a never-ending thunderstorm with occasional moments of light drizzle and hours upon hours of torrential downpours, ear-ringing thunder, and blinding flashes of lightning.

But the sun is still there. This is a fact. The rainstorm cannot destroy it. It may hide it, obscure it, cover it, but never destroy it. They are not even in the same sphere.

On the rainy days, on the dark days, when I never feel the sunlight on my skin, it is still there. I know sometimes we can’t see it through the clouds, and the rain, and the storm, but it is still there.

I live each day with this hope. One day the storm will end. The rain will stop. The clouds will break and once again I will feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. That is the hope that I cling to when all seems dark. The storm cannot last forever, that is not its nature. But the sun is always there. We will see it again. That is a promise.

Light the Darkness,

Dana Nevels


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