Inspiration Will Have to Wait

Inspiration Will Have to Wait


I was looking around today for Inspiration. I searched the nooks and crannies of my mind and I came up empty. But here are a few things that I did encounter. I found Insecurity. He is always hanging around. He hung up an anti-inspirational poster on the wall saying, “You can’t do it.” So original. He is a jerk, but I can’t seem to get rid of him; he is one of my oldest companions.

I found Fear cowering in a corner hiding from Anger who has been running rampant in there for the last several months. I mean, Fear is annoying enough. He hangs around whispering every possible thing that could go wrong and he has started bringing his friend Anxiety around to afflict me as well. But Anger, when he gets going, is almost impossible to defuse. He stalks like a panther waiting to devour all of the other emotions. He will destroy me if I let him.

Faith is starving. I don’t think she is getting anywhere near enough food. I should do something about that. Maybe this weekend. Hope is gasping for breath. She and Faith are twins. When one suffers, they both suffer. I am trying not to let Fear or Anger destroy them. I am trying, but between restraining Anger, blocking out Fear, dodging Anxiety, and enduring Insecurity, my resources are exhausted. Inspiration will have to wait.

Light The Darkness,

Dana Nevels


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