When you do your best, it is enough.


I have learned something about love from being a parent. Not from my love for my children, but from their love for me. I feel like everyone is born with a heart the size of the universe and life does its level best to shrink it down small enough to fit inside your chest. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to make it grow back again.

But the love of a child is so earnest, so pure. You don’t have to do much to retain it or earn it. When you do your best, it is enough.

If you are a parent or a human you inevitably have times when you feel like you are not worthy because you are flawed. But you are worthy. You are enough. Just you. Just as you are. Do you have room to improve? Yes. Are there things about you that can be better? You bet. Are you a work in progress? We all are.

Being enough is not failure. Enough can take you past perfectionism. Enough can ease you through self-doubt. Enough can bring you to the point where you can start to like yourself again. Enough can carry you safely through the darkest of nights into the sunlight beyond. Please do not feel ashamed of just being enough. It is all you ever need to be.

Light The Darkness,

Dana Nevels

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