Expanding the Circle

There are some life experiences that come upon you without warning


I have my circle. I have always aimed to keep it’s circumference small. It doesn’t really extend that far and I am ashamed to say that for much of my life I have not been interested in expanding it. I have my family and my friends and that is it.

There are some life experiences that come upon you without warning and give you the opportunity to expand your circle out and enhance your ability to empathize with others, or shrink your circle down to the point where pretty much the only person inside of it is you.

The first choice makes your life more complicated but more fulfilling. The second simplifies things tremendously but it stunts your growth.

My family went to a close friend’s house this year for Thanksgiving with her family. She is amazing so she welcomed in several other people to celebrate the Holiday as well. She is always looking for ways to expand her circle and others circles by extension. She is wise. I was nervous, she was not, but we ended up having a great time, and a far better time than we would have had with fewer people.

Never acquiesce to the impulse to shrink, to restrict your circle, to carve out a place for yourself and put up walls to keep others out. If you do, you may end up keeping out the very people you need most.

Light the Darkness,

Dana Nevels

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